Cantate Catalogue

Cantate Recordings  is now able to offer recording services for almost any group / instrument at very competitive rates. We can record your performance and make for you any number of CDs , from 1 to 1,000,000 ! Whether it is for personal use, posterity or as a fund raising project, Cantate has experience of them all and can help you make a recording which you can enjoy for a lifetime - and longer !!

We also have extensive editing facilities and can significantly enhance poor quality recordings or prepare your own recordings for production.

Some examples of what we can do are:-

• Convert old 78s or LPs to CD - removing scratches and clicks

• Transfer old reel to reel or cassette tapes to CD, removing tape noise etc.

• Remove unwanted noise or extraneous noises from audio recordings, e.g. traffic rumbling, hiss, a    cough in a live performance!

• Enhance dull sounding audio

• Make low quality (e.g. Dictaphone) recordings clearer (depending on source material)

• Other general audio restoration

• We also have specific experience of recording the following types of ensembles:-

Choirs; Bells; Orchestra / Band; Small Ensembles / Soloists

For further enquiries or an estimate of costs click on the links below:

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Cantate has produced many recordings over the years and most are still available to purchase.


Cantate Catalogue
Cantate Catalogue