At Cantate we have been producing shows with Junior age children for many years and have often tried to source ideas from online. We have come across some great shows but also some pretty dodgy ones too!

So we decided to start to write our own, making sure they were of a high standard and also specifically designed for younger students with lots of flexibility options as this is often really important when deciding on something new to do.

We have also designed these shows to bear in mind the frequent lack of resources that many school have available so these don’t need complicated sets or props etc. We have also tried to make life as easy as possible for the less willing or experienced directors!

All musical songs have been written by us (or arranged) and have again been specifically aimed at young voices. All songs are “test” run with one of our own schools we work with so you know you are getting a show that works!

Backing tracks are of a high quality and come with guide vocals as well for easy teaching of the songs.  Do listen to our online demos to get a feel.

New for 2014

As this is a new site, we will be adding shows as they are prepared for sale and we are launching with our version of “Babushka and the Three Kings”. Follow the link below for full details.


Babushka and the Three Kings.

Suitable from Nursery upwards

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